VAK Construction Engineering Services

Construction Engineering Services

VAK offers a full range of contractor services from conception and cost analysis through engineering, design and final detailing work, including:

Collaborative by Design

At VAK Construction Engineering Services, we understand your project’s timelines and challenges become our timelines and challenges. By collaborating, we can develop solutions that work for you. VAK’s team can offer your project’s direct, open communication for meaningful information exchange and work-status updates. We respond quickly to your questions and turn around your bids, designs, solutions and other information needs in the same timely manner.

To learn more about how we work “at no obligation” let us help you:

To remain efficient and responsive, we continuously strive to improve our business practices. This means that the fees you pay go towards engineering ingenuity, not administrative costs. For example, we have adapted an 11×17 drawing format, which allows submittals to be completed, scanned, emailed, printed out and submitted within the same day. As well as shifting towards a paperless office and electronic submittals. We understand there are still special occasions, which require paper submittals as well as wet stamps; VAK can still accommodate those requests. We also provide a file access system as well as virtual meet services, if required.

In summary, commitment, teamwork, communication, leadership and efficiency are all part of the VAK philosophy to the practice of engineering and services provided.

We are looking forward to serving you as a client.

Noted for contractor-friendly service, VAK delivers whole-picture solutions, on time and cost-effectively.

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