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Contractor-Friendly Service

VAK Construction Engineering offers more than 25 years of experience on projects ranging in scope from simple pad eyes to innovative bridge-erection schemes. VAK is widely sought by clients because of its contractor-friendly service. Expertise alone is not enough. Engineering firms and contractors want to work with subcontractors that are responsive, motivated, and team-oriented.

VAK prides itself on meeting challenges and solving problems collaboratively with its clients. That is why we are known for being contractor friendly. VAK will handle jobs large and small, and excels at working with contractors and sub-contractors alike.

Consideration for Developing Engineering Solutions

When VAK Engineering takes on a client project, we understand that expertise and experience alone do not guarantee success. That is why VAK Engineering provides “whole-picture solutions.” We begin by understanding the challenges of the engineering problem, and then we solve this problem, taking into account the additional critical factors needed to assure a successful project. These include:

This whole-picture approach enables us to deliver the most effective solution: it solves the client’s problem consistent with the client’s approach/way of doing business. This is what we mean when we say VAK is contractor-friendly.

Meet the VAK principals

Ben J. Herndon

P.E., Cal OES, Managing Principal

With 17 years of engineering experience in temporary/construction structures and permanent bracing design, Ben J. Herndon is the Managing Principal of VAK Construction Engineering Services, LLC. Prior to his engineering career he worked as Engineer Support Staff at a CAD contracting company until completion of his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, with a minor in business, from Oregon State University. After a few years working in temporary structures/construction engineering he obtained his Professional Engineering License from California in 2011 and now holds certificates in eighteen states. Mr. Herndon is also a member of Structural Engineers Association of Oregon. and has his Cal OES certification as a second responder.

Alexis Koiv Michaud

P.E., Principal (Finance/Administration)

Alexis is currently a Principal at VAK Construction Engineering Services, LLC and managing the financial and administrative portion of the company as well as continuing her engineering duties. She has worked at VAK Construction Engineering Services since 2010 as an Engineer and prior to that as a summer intern. After graduating from Oregon State University in 2008 with a degree in Civil Engineering and minor in Entrepreneurship, she worked as a Project Engineer at Kiewit Infrastructure Group for 2 years and prior as a summer intern. While working at VAK Construction Engineering she earned a Master’s Degree from Portland State University in 2012 in Structural Engineering. Alexis specializes in temporary/construction structures which includes formwork, horizontal slab shoring, concrete construction re-shoring, and seismic anchorage design. She is currently a member of SEAO and the Oregon Chapter of the American Concrete Institute.

Marty Cooper

P.E., S.E., Principal

With 13 years of experience in the design of temporary structures and construction engineering, plus 7 years of experience in the design of permanent structures, Marty Cooper is currently a principal at VAK Construction Engineering Services, LLC. Formerly, he was a structural project engineer at Kramer Gehlen & Associates, Inc., in Vancouver, Washington. Before that, he was a structural engineer a Lee / PACE Engineering, in Oregon City, Oregon. He is a registered civil and/or structural engineer in 14 states. Mr. Cooper earned his bachelor’s degree in Civil / Structural engineering from Michigan State University, and is also a member of Structural Engineers Association of Oregon.

At VAK Construction Engineering Services, we understand your project’s timelines and challenges become our timelines and challenges. By collaborating, we can develop solutions that work for you. VAK’s team can offer your project’s direct, open communication for meaningful information exchange and work-status updates. We respond quickly to your questions and turn around your bids, designs, solutions and other information needs in the same timely manner.

To learn more about how we work “at no obligation” let me help you:


To remain efficient and responsive, we continuously strive to improve our business practices. This means that the fees you pay go towards engineering ingenuity, not administrative costs. For example, we have adapted an 11×17 drawing format, which allows submittals to be completed, scanned, emailed, printed out and submitted within the same day. As well as shifting towards a paperless office and electronic submittals. We understand there are still special occasions, which require paper submittals as well as wet stamps; VAK can still accommodate those requests. We also provide a file access system as well as virtual meet services, if required.

In summary, commitment, teamwork, communication, leadership and efficiency are all part of the VAK philosophy to the practice of engineering and services provided.

We are looking forward to serving you as a client.

~ Ben J. Herndon

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